About RSP Media Services

RSP has worked with clients from many different arenas, including government, education, manufacturing, retail, non-profit, construction, landscaping, law enforcement, nuclear power operations, ministry and training.



“In my 30-year career, Rich is the most committed, reliable, and unselfish teammate I have ever worked alongside. His work ethic, cooperative attitude, attention to detail and sense of humor adds depth and breadth to any team he works with. I would hire Rich again if I ever had the opportunity.”


- Deron Austin, Senior Director of Marketing, Mueller Water Products

"I found Rich to be extremely hard working and a reliable confidant.  He is extremely creative and does whatever it takes to get the job done well.  You give Rich an assignment, it gets done.  I worked with Rich while he was in the Krystal Training Department and he was one of the most talented, creative people I know.  I would recommend Rich for IT projects (extremely talented on programming and computers), setting up training programs and videos, PowerPoint presentations, technical writing and design services. He is honest and his integrity is above reproach."

- Craig Barton, Chief People Officer, The Krystal Company

"I worked with Rich Payne for several years performing very challenging and intricate meeting planning and execution. Rich's portion of the process always proved flawless and built a solid base for years of successful business meetings. These meetings served from one or two to hundreds of participants, and Rich treated each with equal focus and professionalism. In addition, Rich designed training tools and presentation templates that were professional and inventive. Rich's temperament was also professional while keeping things light and fun."


- Keith Moody, Territory Director, Newk's Eatery



"Rich has assisted our company on multiple occasions, beginning with an emergency situation in which we needed him to operate equipment he had never seen before, in a facility he had never worked in before, and with a very short lead-time. Rich made it happen, it was professional, it was well received, and we’ve adopted him as our go-to guy.  He’s very cool under pressure.  His creativity and ability to craft a clear message in a compelling way is top drawer.  Rich can blend technology and communications (and humor if desired) in a way that makes him worthy of your consideration for any tech, AV, training or communications role."


- John Zeiser, President, Southern Champion Tray, LP



“I worked with Rich when he assisted my company with our first website and with our periodic membership newsletter. We also worked as colleagues when we shared offices in the same building, and I would highly recommend Rich for his attention to detail and ability to design materials appropriate for our constituency. Rich is congenial and competent. He knows his craft and uses it well, and does not shrink from going 'above and beyond' or doing 'hurry-up' when you’ve waited too long to get your job underway.”


- Grant C. Wolf, Exec Director of FCPO (ret), and author of Cops on the Street



“I supervised Rich's work for us at The Krystal Company for over 8 years, and would highly recommend Rich for Info Tech Projects, Multimedia projects, technical writing projects, and design services. Rich is highly creative, detailed, organized and can provide useful insight on difficult projects. Rich is also a very hard worker and does his very best to complete projects on time and within budget".


- Robert Craigo, Chief Learning Officer, The Krystal Company (ret), and the golden voice of RC Recordings



"Rich Payne is a colleague and friend. He is a man gifted in the field of IT, creative in the design and implementation of multimedia projects. His skills have been utilized by both small and large companies as well as individuals seeking fast and competent service in the highly technical world of web design. He has a 'can do' attitude and a high work ethic. I recommend his work."


- Jim Hammond – Sheriff, Hamilton County, TN



"I have known Rich Payne for 5 years through working with his wife.  In this time, I have observed his obvious creativity and mental quickness. 

Just prior to our company’s 2013 office Christmas party, we experienced the sudden death of one of our key leaders, who volunteered his time each year to run the media components of our Christmas program.  As we refocused our Christmas program to deal with the grief that our office staff of more than 100 were dealing with, I was impressed that Rich had the foresight to volunteer his talents to us by taking on the media responsibilities with little time to prepare.  Rich not only performed the media duties flawlessly, from mics to videos to music and lighting, but he demonstrated the uncommon ability to think ahead and deal with issues before others noticed a problem.  I very much appreciated his ‘can do’ spirit and systems knowledge.  Once again this past December, Rich volunteered to handle the media for us gain.  While most don’t even want to go to their spouse's office Christmas party, Rich has a servant’s heart, an agile mind and an ability to make difficult and stressful things appear easy."  


- Bruce Zeiser, Vice President, Southern Champion Tray, LP



“Rich worked with me as an IT associate at The Krystal Company, where he handled our Learning Management System (LMS). Rich not only managed the IT database and reporting functions, but also created the lesson plans and multimedia content for our Krystal Kollege online learning site. Rich has a broad skillset with the unusual capability of operating proficiently in both technical and creative environments, making him doubly valuable as a part of the team. He is also gifted with the ability to turn complex information into easily-understood training and marketing material.”


- Partha Mukherjee, Chief Information Officer, The Krystal Company



"Rich is witty and a great guy all around. He's extremely talented and an asset to everyone he has worked with. He is a great addition to any company!"


- Jo Spivey, Executive Assistant to the Director of Enterprise Applications, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee



“Rich has done several projects for me over the last 15 years.  He has always been very knowledgeable and has worked hard to meet my needs in a timely manner.  I would not hesitate to recommend him."


- Steve Jensen, Vice President, Curbs-Plus, Inc.