Media Services. It's what we do.


If it has anything to do with Media, we've probably done it at RSP. If we haven't, we have the connections to get it done. And we always love a challenge.


Does hiring a consultant wreak fear into your mind and/or your budget?


We understand – we’ve dealt with plenty of consultants over the years. But over the long haul, a consultant can save you multiple thousands of dollars, because they can keep you from heading off onto rabbit trails that will ultimately cost you a lot more.


Getting the right people at the right place  -

at the right time with the right tools -

is the key to efficiency and long-term success, and the right Consultant can get you there.


So who is the “right Consultant”? That would be the Consultant who has been around, has done just about everything multiple times, and has learned through multiple trial and error experiences just what works and what doesn’t.


If you’re pondering your future in any of the following areas, RSP can help you with:


• Communications

• Learning Management Systems

• Training

• Tech Support

• Audio, video, teleconferencing & multimedia systems


Powerpoint & Keynote presentations


• RSP has created hundreds of Powerpoint and Keynote presentations for Corporate Meetings, Board of Directors meetings, and Training purposes. And RSP can take your presentation to a higher level with vivid graphics, animation and video content that you may not have thought possible.


PR & Marketing


• RSP has been involved in the creation of PR & Marketing for many years, including websites, TV & radio commercials, brand imaging, signage, POP displays, menuboards, publications, CD-DVDs, photography, and interfacing with agencies to get exactly what you want and need at the right price.


Hardware & Software manuals


• Clear and precise instructions and visual diagrams for hardware and software manuals are an RSP specialty. RSP can take complex information and convert it into easily-understood-and-followed directions for customers and staff.


Reference documents


• Need an illustrated catalog, an interactive directory, or a phone book? RSP can create a product that you can use on your local computer, your network, your website, your tablet, and your phone.


Graphics & Illustrations


• Whether you need detailed flow diagrams or high-end glitzy artwork, RSP can provide original content, or re-purpose your existing content for multiple purposes (web, network, presentations, etc.). You may already have what you need – but you need it in another format, and we are experts at conversions and multi-purposing for everything from high-rez publishing to web content to video.


Video content


• Need a video to illustrate something without bringing in Lucas or Spielberg? RSP can add video content – existing or new– to your presentation or website.


When it comes to Event planning and execution, you’re come to the right place.


Do you have one of those quarterly or annual events that has become the bane of your existence, because “no one is really in charge”? People from various departments are all “assigned certain duties”, and the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing? No one really has time to devote to the event, or it always has to come together at the very last second?


Or perhaps you’re headed to an offsite location, and the “Hotel Hell” of getting the right space, the hotel A/V crew, staging, and multiple other logistics is keeping you awake at night?


At RSP, we have produced and directed hundreds of successful events, with such variety as:




Corporate meeting rooms, offices, hotels, ballrooms, auditoriums, convention centers, downtown sidewalks, beaches, golf courses, ships, boat docks, nuclear plants, restaurants, malls, parking lots, pools, parades, radio & TV studios




Flip charts, big screen presentations, live drama, solo performers, choirs, indoor pyrotechnics, light shows, 4th of July and Christmas extravaganzas, concerts, celebrity speakers and performers, nationwide TV audiences, webcasting and teleconferencing